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Strong Lips and Eyes: Black Smoke and Electric-Pink Vinyl


[Dramatic matte black eyes using Urban Decay Blackout, and hot pink “pleather” lips using Barry M 52 Lip Paint and clear gloss]

For this look, you want to start with a clean, matte canvas first. Apply matte foundation, concealer and translucent powder to set.

You will need:

  • black kohl or kajal liner (or any good, creamy black base - don’t use something dry or that sets too fast. I’m using The Body Shop’s Limited Edition Eye Kajal)
  • matte black shadow (I used Urban Decay Blackout but any black matte will do)
  • A deep metallic gunmetal (I used Urban Decay Ace, also from the 15 Anniversary Palette)
  • Black mascara (Smashbox Lash DNA - testing this out now that my Bourjois has dried up)
  • Hot pink blush (NYX Pinky)
  • Neon pink lipstick (Barry M # 52 Shocking Pink is my neon pink of choice)
  • Clear gloss (Sephora clear gloss)


Step 1: Apply the black kohl or kajal heavily to the upper and lower lash line. It’s going to be spread out all over the lid and eye area, but as you want the black to fade outwards from the lash line, always concentrate the black within the lid area and smoke outwards.


Step 2: Use a flat brush to spread and even out the kajal, and go back in with a second or even a third layer until you build up a really smoky black look on the upper and lower lids.


Step 3: You can leave it as is for a REALLY smudgy, distressed rock star finish but if you want more control, set everything with a black matte powder shadow, using the dry side of the flat brush. Don’t forget to run over the lower lash line and water line to minimize fading. Don’t sweep or buff. Just pat lightly to cover and set the kohl.


 Step 4: For a finishing touch, dip your finger into a deep dark gunmetal and smear it  down the center of your lid for a gleam that adds dimension to the lid, but does not look like obvious shine against the matte black. It should look like you have your personal lighting crew running around with you and the light is hitting your lids just so.

Apply lots of mascara along top and bottom lashes to finish. (This is one time when you can really layer it and even clump it up if you want.)


Step 5: To finish, apply blush, then make sure your lips are prepped with primer or a very thin layer of concealer (if you use concealer, blot on a sheet of tissue so that no excess concealer is left to muddy up your lipstick). 

Apply an opaque layer of neon pink lipstick to your lips - don’t be shy with it now! - and then dab a generous layer of clear gloss over it. Make sure the gloss goes right up to the edge of the pink so that it looks like stick-on patent leather lips. This means you should not over-draw your lips as it will look very fake and obvious with the gloss on.

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t do a strong lip when you’re wearing a dark matte black on the eyes, but this is definitely a look that will get attention, so be prepared!

For stage or a party, it’s fabulously fun.



This is a really fun bright look. Hayley Williams (the lead singer from paramore) has worn very similar looks. So if your not afraid of color and wanna learn how to do this please keep on reading. First prime your lids, this will ensure your eyeshadow wont crease. Next apply a white base…